We offer a fixed low price fee of £95 + VAT for the completion and filing of self-assessment tax returns with HMRC.

Filling in your personal tax return can be stressful and is often left until the last minute, resulting in fines and penalties. If you file after 31st January, you instantly get a £100 penalty. Last year, almost 1 million self-assessment tax returns were filed in the last 2 days and HMRC has a zero tolerance policy regarding late submissions.

Who needs to file a tax return?

Not everybody has to file a self-assessment as most employees are taxed through the PAYE system. Anyone who receives additional income eg rental property, gains on the sale of shares or one-off earning will need to file a return. In addition, company directors, the self-employed and partners usually need to complete a return, as does the highest earner in a family receiving child benefit, if their earnings exceed £50,000. If your earnings are more than £100,000 or you have foreign earnings, you will also need to submit a form.

When is the deadline for submitting a tax return?

The absolute deadline for submitting your tax return, without incurring fines, is the 31st January. Any self-assessments submitted after this date will automatically incur a £100 fine. HMRC have made it abundantly clear that there are very few excuses which will support a successful appeal. The fine is £100 if the document is submitted 10 seconds late, however HMRC are absolutely draconian about this and this fine then rises to £1,600 over a 6 month period.

With this in mind it is possible to complete your tax return from the preceding April to the January deadline. It just requires getting the documents to us as soon as you can. Preferably before January 31st!!!